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INZANOUTS New Orleans, LA (Hardcopy - FREE SHIPPING)

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Learn the "ins and outs" of New Orleans, Louisiana. Read all about the important and interesting sites in and around this historic city along with information on things to do, history, culture, arts and more.


Inzanouts is not a compendium of hotel, dining and shopping options at your travel destination. That’s what the other guys do. There are plenty of places on the web and in your bookstore to get that kind of information. Our job is to give you detailed information about your destination. What is there to see? What is there to do?

What is the history and culture of your destination? What are vital statistics and economic statistics that keep the heart of your destination pumping?

Inzanouts is about what’s outside your hotel’s front door, not what’s inside it. Obviously when you were deciding where to go, you didn’t ask yourself what city has the best beds and the best steaks. We are going to show you the “INS AND OUTS” of your destination so you can get the most out of your trip.

How this book works:

This book divides the New Orleans area into geographic areas that reflect the unique history and characteristics of that specific area.

The first half of the book, New Orleans' Neighborhoods, is devoted to New Orleans' Historic District and the interesting sites that can be found just outside of the downtown.

Each of these sections have chapters that include:

• A detailed map
• Summary of points of historic interest
• Restaurants
• Other significant sites

Following the neighborhood sections there are chapters that list the guided tours of the city and surrounding area arranged by type of tour and topic of interest.

The remainder of the book covers New Orleans' history, arts and culture, demographic and geographic statistics, and economic influences.

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