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INZANOUTS of the Georgia Sea Islands

Georgia’s 100-mile-long Atlantic coast is comprised of a series of barrier islands.  They are known as the Sea Islands or the Golden Isles. From north to south they are Tybee, Little Tybee, Ossabaw, Wassaw, St. Catherines, Sapelo, Wolf, Blackbeard, Sea Island, St. Simons, Little St. Simons, Jekyll, Little Cumberland, and Cumberland. There are also “inshore” barrier islands that lack a sandy beach, like Skidaway Island near Savannah. In this “mini” guide, we will cover a couple of these islands to wet your whistle.

INZANOUTS of the North Carolina Coast

The North Carolina coast comprises over 300 miles of barrier islands, each with its own unique feel, history, and activities. Fortunately, it has remained underdeveloped. High-rise condos and glitzy resort areas do not obstruct your view of the pristine shores. Instead you’ll find unspoiled barrier islands, historic villages and easygoing beach towns. Even the most touristy beaches have a small-town feel.In this “mini” guide, we touch on a number of the most popular, historically rich, and untouched natural sites.

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